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If your client is reading it, maybe you should too.

April 5, 2018

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With all the buzz about CLOC - the Corporate Legal Operations Consortium - let's not forget who they report to: the General Counsel/ Chief Legal Officer. And whether you are a legal operations professional in a legal department or at a law firm, are you aware of management trends and best practices to which the ultimate decision-maker is exposed?


The Association of Corporate Counsel has served the law department leadership community for as long as I can remember (no jokes, please!) and they publish a monthly resource called the ACC Chief Legal Officer Bulletin. ACC also provides spectacular materials as a "featured download" from their archive of resources. 


This month, ACC included a piece I wrote about 18 months ago called, Law Departments and After-Action Reviews: Using Lessons Learned to Improve Outcomes. Here's a link  I recently published a companion piece in the EDGE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNIQUE. See


I've facilitated and participated in many AAR's  - forensic reviews of completed matters - to identify opportunities for greater efficiency, realization and communication. The results are measurable. There is a positive ROI that justifies the commitment by those who are asked to invest their time.


I recently was conversing with with of the millenials in my family and mentioned lawyers' reluctance to conduct post-matter reviews. As a US Navy veteran, she pointed out that the military does an AAR at the completion of each mission. She noted, "If the AAR is not done - whether or not the lessons learned are implemented - then the mission never happened." Now that's something to consider. And if your client is reading about it through the ACC, maybe you should too.


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