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Legal Project Management is about good client service and sound economics for managing matters

The Kick Off Meeting [ White Paper, February 2020]

Legal Project Management: A Framework for Improving Client Satisfaction and the Economics of Legal Services White Paper, 2020 ]


How Law Departments use LPM to Improve the Corporate Bottom Line [ JdSupra, June 2019]


The Kick Off Meeting Edge International Communique, May 2017 

Faster-Better-Cheaper Through Legal Project Management: The LACI Chart: Co-authored by Bill Kleinman of Haynes & Boone LLP Bloomberg BNA, June 2016 ]

Law Practice Is Evolving Via ‘Legal Project Management’ previously published as “How to Shape your Legal Team Communication Plan”  Law 360, May 15, 2014 ]

A practical approach to capturing data on legal work

A New Streamlined Legal Industry Standard Codes for Data Collection on the Cost of M&A Work Adopted [ March 2020 ]


Until the AI Revolution Disrupts TimeKeeping, Make the Most of Phase Codes [Peer to Peer - ILTA's Quarterly, Spring 2019]

Learning From Clients to Improve Decision Making Edge International Communique, August 2018 ]


Why Codes Matter: A Simple Tool with Many Uses  [ Edge International Communique, August 2017 ]

Proof of concept for LPM: two proven techniques 
Legal Project Management provides a road map for bringing matters back on track

Intervening in Legal Matters in Crisis White Paper, 2020]

Distressed Litigation with Legal Project Management [ Thomson Reuters Practice Innovations, March 2013 ]

Legal Project Management skills, including budgeting and developing fee structures, are part of professional  development

The Power of the Network – Celebrating Twenty Years of the Dupont Legal Model [ Corporate Counsel Magazine Supplement on DuPont Legal, Fall 2012 ]

Communication – A Foundation for Many Relationship (or How Legal Project Management Aligns Team and Clients NALP Bulletin, July 2012 ]

Value-billing, the hourly rate and data are interconnected

Value-Based Fees and Alternative Fee Arrangements [ White Paper, 2020 ]


What is Legal Value [ Edge International Communique, May 2018 ]


Why GCs Still Miss the Mark on Alternative Fee Deals Law360, March 2016 ]

Value-Based Billing: The Alternative to Alternative Fee ArrangementsLexisNexis In-House Advisory, March 2013 ]

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