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Quick hits before the new year

As I look at that messy closet, I say "tomorrow". And when the next day arrives, I remind myself of my promise and then assert that I have more important things to do.

Today, I met with a professional closet organizer...well, actually a brilliant marketing consultant who pointed out that I needed to invest some time in myself and that I didn't need to come up with any big ideas. If you don't already know Sue-ella Prodonovich, you must...

Sue-ella urged me to find some quick hits before the new year:

1. Tidy up my professional profile on LinkedIn

2. Clean up my bio on my website, and

3. Take inventory of articles and research I can update to reflect emerging trends.

As much as it felt like an administrative burden, once I got into the zone I was struck by how much had occurred this year. How did I know? A great deal was out of date and needed a refresh. It's been a transitional year in the legal industry and I'm curious to see the trend line in 2019!

If you’re thinking about a project in which you or your law firm needs a re-start, re-fresh, or review then, please get in touch.


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