• Aileen R. Leventon

Feedback requires preparation

Feedback to law firms by their clients is an accepted "best practice," but determining what to convey requires preparation. Law firms also need to develop an approach that receives and acts on the information.

Surveys, ratings, and even emoji dashboards are invaluable, but they are insufficient to identify actions and practices that are worth repeating and institutionalizing. Nor do they address the root causes of areas needing improvement. To be useful, feedback must capture lessons learned, and have an action plan for implementation. In our article, we describe the benefits of an After-Action Review at the matter level. It is readily adaptable to review a portfolio of work to provide feedback at the relationship level.

Written for clients with in-house counsel, this article is also a roadmap for law firms so they can anticipate the needs of their client, and prompt further dialogue.The goal is to deepen the relationship through ongoing communication. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/law-departments-after-action-reviews-using-lessons-learned-leventon/.



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