What is Legal Project Management?


Legal Project Management provides a vocabulary and mind-set that promotes a deeper understanding of how to execute a legal strategy to achieve a client’s business objectives. For law firms, LPM enhances profitability and staffing. For law departments, LPM practices promote productivity and efficiency for matters handled without external counsel, and in managing legal service providers.


LPM starts with a deep understanding of the client’s success metrics and develops a roadmap to a clearer path. LPM tackles unknowns and uncertainties of a legal matter by articulating assumptions and contingencies throughout the matter.  Reviewing how the work is being done as part of monitoring the progress of the matter (or after it has been completed) produces better results: more effective law practice, enhanced client satisfaction and better outcomes. 

What are the benefits of Legal Project Management matter?

Skillful use of the LPM methodology (found in sources such as CLOC and IILPM) often result in:


  1. Reduction or elimination of surprises among members of the legal team
    and the client,

  2. Improved profitability and cost predictability

  3. Better risk management and client satisfaction

  4. More successful business development and retention

  5. Enhanced professional development

  6. Superior communication and collaboration

How widespread is Legal Project Management?


The impact of legal project management has been recognized by all segments of the profession globally, ranging from the Corporate Legal Operations Consortium in 2017, the Association of Corporate Counsel in 2010 and the American Bar Association's committees and task forces that were first launched in 2012. We have contributed to all these efforts. The International Institute of Legal Project Management provides training leading to certification and has reached lawyers and allied professionals in 40 countries. 

How can you help us?

Professional development options range from introductory programs to formal certification by the International Institute of Legal Project Management.  Our training and coaching programs foster scoping the work in staffing, delegating and supervising work at the right level, using technology tools appropriately, and improving collaboration. Our results are measurable, and you define metrics for success at the outset.

Choose from a menu of program types, durations and formats
Our consulting services include:


  1. Conducting post-matter assessments and capturing lessons learned.

  2. Communication plans and documentation for managing change

  3. Implementation support

  4. Developing metrics and the infrastructure for tracking and using metrics

  5. Turning around distressed matters

  6. Coaching in real time for actual matters (supporting legal project managers
    and/or for the legal team)

  7. Ad hoc coaching for the Director of Legal Project Management on real-time challenges

  8. General coaching on LPM implementation in client teams and
    practice/industry teams

  9. Customization of templates and protocols for particular types of matters

  10. Assessment of LPM readiness (financial systems, culture, leadership,
    professional development)

  11. LPM program/initiative consulting as you launch your program or seek to
    get more value from your existing program

  12. Joint programs with clients and counsel


Legal project management is relevant in all law practices – from litigation to regulatory to transactional – and for all members of the legal team: We work with lawyers and allied professionals at all levels to promote a superior client experience in addition to providing top-tier legal services.


Through our training and coaching programs the legal team achieves skills in staffing, delegating and supervise work at the right level, use technology tools appropriately, and improve collaboration. Our results are measurable.


What do your services cost?


We proudly model project management practices in all our engagements.  We collaborate with you to learn what you believe a successful outcome looks like and then develop a cost-effective offering that meets your budgetary requirements and time limitations. We work from a scope of work and project plan that is agreed upon at the outset of the engagement.


Our pre-packaged programs are less expensive than customized offerings. Pricing also depends on whether you wish to use a hypothetical case study or an active matter, or you select the in-person, video-conference or e-learning format.

Why should we work with you?

We are the only advisor and instructor on Legal Project Management who has direct experience as a client, in-house counsel, operations professional, and a law firm lawyer. We model the best practices in project management and embrace the need for adaptation in your unique culture. 

Contact us so we can fashion a program that meets your needs.

Legal Project Management

Improve client service, productivity and fee structures through more effective communication.

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