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We know how to marshal law firm data – no matter how limited, inconsistent or diverse – to support fact-based decision making.


We have helped our clients achieve the following results:

  • Improved realization in fixed fee transactional work

  • Turnarounds of unprofitable matters

  • Identified areas for measurable improvement in the efficiency of e-discovery, due diligence, and patent prosecution

  • Identified areas for corporate legal spend management, including alternative staffing and sourcing models

  • Built models for bidding in reverse auctions

  • Developed metrics for matter and portfolio management

  • Rate and rank law firm service delivery models

  • Estimate likelihood of associate turnover

  • Increase the likelihood of retaining and growing a relationship with an existing client

  • Compute ROI on Legal Project Management training methodologies


We are skilled in data mining, quantitative analysis, modeling and producing actionable business intelligence. Through a strategic alliance we deploy machine-learning techniques that boast a 20-year track record in solving pricing and resource allocation challenges in other industries. We demonstrate how these case studies are readily applicable to the legal industry.

Data Analytics

Asking the right questions to solve the business problems the legal industry faces.
We are supporting legal industry initiatives that seek to improve taxonomy standards, use of codes and business analytic techniques:

We are supporting this initiative is developing a framework for classification of legal work by area of law and matter type. This approach takes a top-down view (“single plaintiff employment litigation) unlike the code system which takes a bottom-up approach (complaint filed; motion to dismiss; discovery; settlement discussions; prep for trial, etc.).

We have been an active member of LEDES since serving in 2014-2016 on the working group that finalized the UTBMS Merger and Acquisition phase codes. They are based on the work of the ABA Task Force on Legal Project Management in M&A Transactions.