We are skilled at both the flipped classroom/workshop format (learning by doing in groups) and the more traditional lecture/keynote speech format. We have successfully developed many custom programs as well

  • State of the aret e-learning programs using well established platforms in use in higher education.

Includes live videoconferencing, on-line cohort groups, and on-line content and videos viewable on demand.

  • Remote: Replicating the live presentation format by video-conference (using collaboration features in


Your goals determine which format and type of program is most suitable for you

We are skilled at the flipped classroom/workshop format (learning by doing in groups) in an asynchronous and synchronous

Types and Duration:


  1. Awareness programs -- What is LPM and how can adoption of selected practices and tools be useful?

    May be applied toward Certification Programs 

  • On-hour

  • 90-minute

  • half-day

  • one full day


2. Skills/Competency programs -- Planning, budgeting and monitoring legal matters (6-8 hours)

May be applied toward Certification Programs
Prerequisite: demonstration of awareness of LPM concepts

  • 2 half-days

  • 1.5 days (consecutively or in 3 units)

  • Your timetable


3. Certification programs (14 - 20 hours)

Certificates issued by the International Institute of Legal Project Management
No prerequisites and may be shortened by demonstration of completion of skills/competency assessment

  • 2 days

  • 1 half-day, 1 day, 1 half-day

  • 4 half days

  • 3 days

  • Your timetable

Let us help you design a program and format that matches your goals, timetable and budget.

Professional Development Programs

Choose from a menu of program types, durations and online formats:

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